Would You Ever Own A Drone?

photoDrones used to be seen as these high tech machines that the US military was using for operations all around the world. Then, Amazon announced last year that it was working on a future “drone delivery service”. It also started selling some drones on its online store. Sure, those drones are fairly “low-tech” and have a limited range. Unlike the idea of flying cars that we all thought we’d be driving, it does look like drones will actually be part of our lives within a few years.
But could you ever see yourself owning a drone? I’m trying to think about a few ways I could use one:
Deliver stuff: there’s no doubt that in a few instances, it could be useful to be able to use a drone to deliver stuff to friends and family that live nearby… a bit lazy? I guess;) Just saying it would be helpful sometimes
Moving stuff at home: for small condo/apartments there might be little added value but if you can get a drone to bring back stuff from one floor to another, bring dirty clothes to the washing machine, etc.
Innovative stuff: Imagine trying to take the perfect family with a drone?
Of course, mass use of drones could also end up meaning more:
-surveillance (easier for the government to track and monitor)
-crime: once it becomes easier to be anonymous through drones, that could mean more crime, unfortunately.
I guess those negatives will end up happening no matter what though, unfortunately.

Would you ever get a drone?

image credit: WSJ

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