Why To Celebrate Christmas


Over the years, our dear Christmas has lost some of its meaning. It slowly turned into an event of over consumption. Santa Claus and Christmas gifts have turned this originally religious celebration into wasted paper wraps and material accumulation. Nothing very attractive for a minimalist. Yet, there plenty of reasons to continue to celebrate Christmas.


Family and Friends Fun

As I wrote in the past two years, family traditions are sometimes hard to change and can become a source of stress. However, we had the chance to discuss and organize a new way of doing things. Since then, I must admit my Christmas is a lot more enjoyable. Our family reunions are now more focused on the time we spend together rather than the gifts given. It’s always a period of time when people are more relaxed and cheerful. It leads to funny games or great conversations.

Christmas is a synonym of fun!


Taking a Breather

I know not all people have the chance to take some time off during Christmas. Many only have a day or two as a break from work. However, Mr. My Husband and I have the opportunity of taking some time off, which we spend with the kids doing family activities or simply relaxing.

As is it close to the end of the year, it is also a moment to breathe before it starts again! Retrospection, new goals, etc. These are also coming with the Christmas Tree!!


Lucky and Blessed

In Canada, Thanksgiving is not celebrated as much as in the States. It’s a day off for most and some time to enjoy with family or friends, but the gratefulness is not part of the tradition as much as the United States. I feel much more gratitude during Christmas time. When I see my beautiful kids, my sister’s family, my husband, parents, my husband’s family and all of the other siblings, I can’t help but feeling lucky and blessed. Blessed to be there and healthy. Lucky to have all these great persons around me. It makes me feel happy and grateful.


Sharing with Others

According to StatsCanada, Canadians have donated $8.3 millions during Christmas time in 2012. These are only the donations in cash and don’t include material ones (toys, clothes, food, etc.). As I wrote here, we are introducing our kids to paying it forward this year. It is also that time of the year for me. Time to think about those who are not as lucky and blessed as me. I donate a couple times a year to charities, but no one should be left aside during Christmas day to me.


Magic, Magic!

Last but not least, I simply LOVE the magic of Christmas. I make sure to spread it around as much as I can. The magic of Christmas is taking a car ride and seeing all these lights in the streets. Magic is cooking Santa’s cookies with your children. Magic is to see their eyes when the snow falls on Christmas day. Magic is making our little elf doing silly things when they’re asleep and seeing them wondering how he did it in the morning. Magic is a table full of food shared with beloved ones. Magic is decorating the tree with Christmas music on and hot chocolate on the table. Magic is also the belief that only the best could happen.


As you can see, all these reasons are quite minimalist. Christmas doesn’t have to be about the gifts. Christmas can be what you make it. And because it fulfills me with love and happiness, I will always find a way to celebrate it.


What Are Your Reasons To Celebrate Christmas?


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