Why My Happiness is More Important than My Children’s

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Alright, I hear your questions! 😉 No, I’m not a selfish mom. Yes, my kids are on my top priorities, always. So why would I say such things? It is actually because I value my kids’ happiness so much that I think mine comes first…

Ever heard of the expression “Happy Wife, Happy Life!”?

Well, it seems to be truer when it comes to moms and their kids. Some searches show the conclusion that happy moms have greater chances to have happy kids. These researches have even proven that the mother’s happiness has more influence on the kids than that of the father.

Apparently, the kids react more to the fact that their mother is not satisfied in her relationship, than the amount of time they spend with her! I found that pretty surprising!


My Own Experiment

On a smaller scale, I have noticed myself that the days I feel at my best always result in awesome days for the family, always! On the other side, when I am sick or simply moody, the whole family seems to follow.

This truly makes me realize the importance as a mom to prioritize my own happiness and my own physical and mental shape. Since I’ve made myself a top priority, I feel the family benefits from a more balanced state of mind. The kids seem happy to see me take some time for myself as I always come back refreshed, more patient and even more dedicated to them.

My oldest son also notices when my husband and I have a little argument. I don’t think we should make a big deal out of it. As I believe we also have to show our children how to reconcile and communicate. However, I take good care of not influencing his perception of our relationship too much. I did see that he quickly becomes sad when I look sad, no matter how his dad looks. I know I can influence very much the opinion he has of his father. This is why I want to stay positive about my feelings towards him. My husband’s happiness is also a factor of my son’s.


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My Happiness is a Key Factor

I hope you now get why I put my happiness on top of my children’s. It is not a selfish move for me. It is the opposite. I see my happiness as a key factor for the whole family’s happiness, especially my sons. Because part of my happiness is also to spending as much time as possible with them and to see them happy. It is quite easy for me to be happy in return!

Their happiness depends on my happiness. It can be hard for some, but, on the contrary I find it to be quite beautiful. Isn’t what a family is about in the end? It’s about counting on each other and making the best out of each individual so the entire group turns out amazing! 😉


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