Why Autumn is Important

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I’ve always thought summer is overrated. Here in Canada, we have about 3 months of summer and then it’s over. I like summer, but I love autumn. Have you ever noticed how many plans, goals and dreams we put in these short 90 days? Fall is more important to me than the rest of the year.


Introspection Period


Autumn is often the season where we realize the year is almost over. Therefore, it leads to introspection time. I cherish introspection. It is not hard nor boring to me. It is the perfect moment to wonder: “Am I where I want to be…?” You can add many things to this sentence:

Am I where I want to be at work?

Am I where I want to be in my body?

Am I where I want to be as a parent?


The amazing thing with your introspection during fall season is that you still have some time ahead in the year. You can still improve, change, check mark goals; nothing is over yet and it is time for action, more than ever in your year! 😉 It does not matter if you attribute it to financial or personal goals.


To link with yourself like this can only be positive.


Cuddling Season


Weather is getting colder. Your mornings and evenings are made of warm shirts, hot drinks and cozy mood. No wonder why there are so many summer babies! They are all made in autumn! 😉


To me, autumn means more intimacy as a couple, as a family and also alone. Have you ever felt like staying in the sheets for 10 minutes more? That’s what I’m talking about. It means a little more time indoors, but it also means a time that is made of reunions and hugs. How sweet can this be!


This reconnection is very important to me.


Harvest and Cooking Time


Summer is the BBQ time! Not much cooking is done. Suppers are made quickly because we have to enjoy the weather. Everything is made to stay outside and that’s fine. As an epicurean, autumn is the ideal season to me. It also meets with the harvest season so you have plenty of fresh products to cook with. I’m usually filling up the freezer with many homemade meals or treats to sweeten winter days. I do feel like my grandmother doing this, but I must admit I very much enjoy providing such good meals to my family.


End of weekend afternoons are often my favorite moments during fall. Mr. My Husband and I get together in the kitchen to cook and chat together. Okay, I must admit my husband is not a cook at all, but he can peel or cut some fruits and veggies! 😉


autumn leaves, very shallow focus

Out in The Nature


September and October here are the best. You get more comfy outside while still enjoying nice weather. That’s a very personal motive, but I prefer the weather when it’s not too hot. I’m not sure if it’s just us, but we also tend to do more activities in the nature during autumn than any other season. A walk in the mountain full of leaves changing colors is a tradition!


Sure there are more indoor times but it’s also a perfect timing to stay active in comfortable weather and to enjoy sunny days while we still have plenty of it! I much prefer running in a fresher day.


I feel we are more in harmony with nature during fall. Maybe because winter is sometimes harsh, spring is often wet and summer is just too occupied! Again, this reconnection is very important to me.


What does fall represent to you?


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