What is Your Inner Schedule and How to Make it Work



Your inner schedule relates to your best productivity period(s) in a day. Are you an early bird? Do you prefer waking up slow and work during the afternoon? You might also be the night type: getting productive while others sleep.


What is Yours?

Knowing your inner schedule can surely help you get more productive. Throughout the years, I’ve realised that I have two highly productive periods in a day: afternoons and nights. For long, I thought I was an early bird because I like waking up early. Truth is, I like taking my time early! 😉 I have no problem waking up and getting to work instantly when needed, but I much prefer having a coffee and chatting a little before starting any task.

One way to know your inner schedule is how you spend your days when you don’t work. When do you get the most done? When are you more active when work is not imposed?


How Does it Work?

Once I realised that, I’ve changed my schedule a lot. Like many of you, I have to work during the days. My work comes with a lot of flexibility. I can also work during nights if I want to, but in order to maintain a decent family life, most of my work has to be done on a 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM basis.

However, the order in which I do the tasks has changed. Since I’m more productive during afternoons, I keep the creative tasks for this period. Writing is usually done there. More clerical tasks that don’t require much concentration are done in the morning. I use them as “waking ups” so to speak. They help me get into the working mind while still doing something that needs to be done. This is quite a change, as I used to do the exact opposite.

And ended up working often at nights because I was not productive enough…

Now, if I do need to be on duty during the nights, I make sure to keep small quick tasks that require concentration. This is a productivity period for me also, but I like the feeling or checking a lot of things in a short period of time when it’s dark outside! 😉


What if Changes are Not Permitted

Let’s say your inner schedule is during the nights but you work from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM and can’t make any change. Well, take advantage of your inner schedule to energize yourself so that you can accomplish your work even when you’re not at your best moment. It might be the perfect timing for exercising or do your at-home tasks. I remember my mom used to do her laundry at 10:00 PM. I didn’t understand at the time that she was first: quite busy, and second: she was and still is a late bird. She could have woke up early and make her laundry at 7:00 AM instead. But that was not when she was productive.

On the contrary, Mr. My husband is a very early bird. He sometimes gets up at 3:00 AM in the morning to run before going to work. He works on a 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM shift which is perfect for him. But at 8:00 PM, don’t ask him much. Chances are he’s sleeping on the couch! 😉


Do you know how to better your inner schedule? How can you put it to work?


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