What do you keep track of?

We have a lot of data in our lives.

Too much, it seems.

And the tricky part, is not to get more information, but to figure out what information we want to track and keep

Here’s my list of what data I constantly track/keep:

  • budget & daily expenses — A must. It is like second nature now
  • tasks to do — I keep a short list in my Windows sidebar
  • appointments — I am a stickler for having appointments. I hate ambiguity here
  • errands — Mostly grocery lists, or my 3-Things-A-Day
  • projects & deadlines — I only work on projects in my line of work.
  • blogs — This one, FB and Style on a String.
  • contacts — Gotta know who to call.
  • logins/passwords — I keep a hard copy written in cryptic & an e-copy
  • recipes — I like to cook and am starting to get into baking

What about you?

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I'm a 20-something year old girl who lived out of a single suitcase in 2007, and now I'm living with less, but only with the best. You don't have to get rid of everything to become a minimalist! Minimalism can help simplify and organize your life, career, & physical surroundings. You can read more about me as a minimalist. Or come and visit my other blog Fabulously Broke in the City where I got out of $60,000 of debt in 18 months, earning $65,000 gross/year.