What are some of the ways that you Reuse?

When we think of the adage: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, there’s a reason why “Reduce” is the first.

If you can avoid buying it in the first place, it trumps the other two.

The second, is to Reuse.

To “Reuse” in the sense of the word could mean these two things in my mind:

  • To use something again (an old pillbox now holds your safety pins)
  • To use something creatively that you’d otherwise toss (old orphaned socks as dust mitts)

Ideas on what can be reused around the home:

Any kind of container can have a purpose for something

  • Yoghurt tubs can now hold very wet or greasy items that you don’t want leaking out
  • Any kind of glass bottle or plastic can be used to hold or carry food or to grow herbs
  • Old desk organizers can be used to hold makeup
  • Mugs with broken handles can be used to hold pencils or makeup
  • Other circular-mouth shaped bottles can be used to make shapes as cookie cutters

Cloth or fabric in any shape or form can be reused as well

  • Orphaned (clean) socks can be turned into dust mitts
  • Or fill up a clean sock with rice and use it as a heating pad
  • Any kind of old fabric or t-shirts can be cut up and used as rags for cleaning or dusting shoes
  • Scraps of pretty fabric can be used as a quilt
  • Other scraps of fabric can be used to stuff pillows or to stuff boots to keep them stiff

What are some of your favourite ideas?

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