Want to Sell Your Home? De-Clutter

Lately, we’ve been thinking about moving. My husband is looking for jobs, and that might mean a move. And, even if we end up staying in the same locality, there is a good chance that we will at least move houses. Moving itself can be a great excuse to get rid of stuff. However, it can also help you sell your home if you are willing to de-clutter.

Staging Your Home to Sell

One of the pieces of advice that many real estate agents offer when trying to sell your home is to have it staged. Staging your home is a way to present it in a good light. First impressions matter, from the curb appeal of the home, to the way it “feels” as a potential buyer walks through it. In some cases, the staging can make or break a sale.

As I’ve looked into the possibility that we might sell, I’ve asked some real estate agent friends for ideas, and thought about what we can do to make our home more attractive. One of the most important things to do for staging a home for sale is to de-clutter.

We’ve been trying to fight clutter creep in our home, but I know that we can do more — especially in my home office area, where we tend to store things like extra chairs for the table and dry food storage that there isn’t room for in the pantry. If we decide to sell, we’ve already got a good start on de-cluttering, but we can still do better.

One of the reasons that minimalism and de-cluttering works so well when you are trying to sell your home is due to the fact that fewer things make the space look bigger. People want to live in a home that seems larger, and de-cluttering and proper staging can help the whole house seem bigger — and that means you are more likely to get your asking price without too much quibbling.

Another way that minimalism can help your home appear more attractive is that it can allow potential buyers to see themselves in it. One of the principles of staging is that you should take down personal items, like family pictures and unique artwork that puts your stamp on the house. You want the home to be attractive and fresh-looking, but you also want potential buyers to be able to see themselves living there. Minimalism and little clutter allows them to imagine the home with their own possessions.

There are lots of reasons to de-clutter your house before you try to sell. Not only will it be easier to move your things, but you will also have the chance to sell your home faster and more effectively. If you aren’t sure about where to begin, many real estate agents can provide good ideas, or even help you find a professional home stager. This will allow you to present your home in the best light, and result in a faster sale at a higher price.

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