Want to Get Better Faster? Take a Rest!

When I start feeling sick, I have a tendency to try to “power through” whatever it is I’m doing. Unfortunately, that rarely works out as well as I would like. Often all that ends up happening is that I end up unable to properly focus on my work, ruining my productivity. On top of that, the fact that I didn’t get rest and take care of myself means that my sickness often extends longer than it would have otherwise.

So, instead of trying to force myself to get everything done, I make it a point to rest when I’m sick. That way, I get over the problem a little bit faster, spending less downtime overall.



Sometimes, there are things that just have to be done. Unless you are suffering from a major illness or injury, you might need to do¬†something. This is often the case with me. I usually have at least one or two things I need to do, regardless of whether or not I am sick. So, when I feel under the weather, I determine what is most important to do. Those are the things I do immediately. Once I finish the priorities, I make myself stop working, and I go take a rest. It’s tempting to take more medicine and power through once you’ve checked off a couple items on your list, but the reality is that your body needs to heal. Rest is the best way to accomplish this, so you’re better off taking some medicine and then going back to bed after you finish the most important items on your list.


When you lead a healthy lifestyle, you might want to stick with your exercise routine, even if you are sick. This isn’t the best approach, though. In some cases, it’s ok to exercise when you are sick — as long as you take it easy and don’t try to accomplish your entire routine. I normally start my day with yoga to wake up, and then I do more rigorous exercise later. On days when I’m sick, I usually just stick to yoga, doing a little extra stretching and easy movements. I keep it simple so that I can get the rest I need.

You Don’t Have to Stay in Bed

I go crazy when I’m in bed all day. So I try to make up for it by doing something else worthwhile. Often, when I’m sick, I get rest by reading. I get a book I love and have ready many times (so that I can fall asleep if my body needs me to). I might write a letter to someone. Sometimes I turn on a podcast. The idea is to do something that allows you to rest and relax so your body can work on healing. You don’t have to try to force yourself to sleep, but you should try to avoid stress when possible.

When I take care of myself, and rest when I start feeling sick, I do much better. I usually get over anything minor in a day or so, and then I can get right back into it.

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