TV isn’t evil or a waste of time.

I like watching TV.


Yeah you heard me.

I’m a minimalist, and I like to watch TV, but I don’t own a TV nor do I pay for cable TV unless I am in a hotel or I have no other choice.

To be clear, I like watching TV shows that I like. Online or on DVD.

TV doesn’t rule my life or my schedule

I don’t waste my life at all, because I am not watching what doesn’t interest me.

I don’t kill time or procrastinate with TV.

When I feel like it, I watch it.

I don’t rush home to my TV set just to watch a new episode, I’m patient and I can wait a very long time.

(And by home I mean the hotel where cable TV is included in the rate, but they’ve conveniently NEVER subscribed to the Food TV Network which is the only one that really interests me the most other than Outdoor Life Network (OLN))

Watching TV shows isn’t a waste of time

I think if we demonize TV as a ‘waste of time’ that isn’t productive, then perhaps we can say the same about almost anything we do in life.

For instance, calling a friend and talking for hours.

I get something out of my interaction with my friend.

And I get something out of watching TV.

It’s just that I get two different but positive things, but like with collections, who is to say which one is ‘better’ or more ‘worthy’?

Watching TV doesn’t change who I already am

Just because I watch TV, does that make me any less of who I already am?

The answer is no because I control my TV watching, not the other way around.

Just as how I control my money with a budget and being frugal, rather than letting it rule my life by being in debt and keeping up appearances.

Or how about music?

Just because I play a few instruments and like to listen to classical music, does that make me a haughty snob who eats crustless sandwiches and drink tea with my pinky up?

Now, does it change your view if you also know that I like to listen to rap, punk, metal, heavy metal, R&B, pop, rock or any other kind of genre (as long as the song is good and I like the beat and melody)?

Most people think that once you listen to one type of music, you can’t appreciate anything else. That isn’t true, that’s just very restrictive.

The point is that TV itself and TV shows aren’t the devil’s work and what all minimalists are against — it’s more how you manage or control your TV watching*.

*Although I do think that younger kids should be careful with what they watch and believe on TV, as they are very impressionable, hence why you need to coach them about social media and what marketing is.

You know what I really do hate about TV?

Watching re-runs and watching commercials..

It kills me and it has nothing to do with the shows themselves.

So yes, all of you TV-show-lovers out there who are also minimalists, rejoice!

Here are some TV shows I like to watch:

  • BBC Documentaries — Fantastic. I liked “Why Thin People are Not Fat”
  • Being Erica — Quite an inspirational, therapeutic show.
  • Glee — Never fails to touch my heart and make me sniffle.
  • Bones — I have learned quite a bit about bones & death in general.
  • Castle — FUN AND WITTY!!! Must-watch.
  • The Mentalist — Quite philosophical if you dig a little.
  • The Good Wife — Excellent legal drama.
  • Nikita — I just like a good butt-kicking and some spy action.
  • The Good Wife — An excellent legal drama.
  • Top Chef — Mm.. Food.
  • Law and Order: Criminal Intent: I really don’t like the other ones. I’ll watch them, but CI is my favourite.
  • The Rachel Zoe Project — Total fluff to let me relax. Plus lots of fashion.

BF would like to add that he really likes the BBC Documentary “Planet Earth” and that old soap series “Dallas“, of which he owns every single season of, and has made me re-watch every season that comes out on DVD with him to hear what J.R. Ewing will do next.

What are some TV shows you like?

And how do you watch TV? On a regular one, or online/on DVD like some of us?

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