Top 25 Pictures On Human Race

At times, Facebook is inspirational for the part-time writer I am. I recently came across this Top 25 Pictures On Human Race for 2014, shared by a aunt. It has been made in France, so I’m sorry for those who can’t understand the sentences. However, an image is worth a thousand words so I don’t think you really need them! 😉

What I like about this Top 25 is the variety of emotions it brings. It’s beautiful and ugly, sad and joyful… it’s the best and the worst of the human race. I’ve been fascinated all my life by humans and how they act. I usually prefer focusing on our positive sides but we also have to look at the ugly part at times in order to – at least try – to turn it into something beautiful.


soldier crying

This picture is very powerful to me. We often forget that those fighting, for good or bad, go through a lot. It shouldn’t exist, yet it does. And these people exist too.


old brother rescuing syrian sister

Another disheartening image considering it was taken just a year before the peak of Migrants Crisis taking place now. This older brother saved his little sister from the ruins in Syria. It’s sad yet so beautiful at the same time. I love the human race for such courage.


acid attack

This young girl and her mother were victims of an acid attack… by the father and husband of the two. What struck me the most though is the love that comes out of this picture. The love between mother and child and its power. It’s as if the young girl is as much caring for her mother as the mother is for her child. One word: WOW! These girls are so beautiful to me.


mongolian girl with eagle

I’m not sure why this picture “talks” to me. It is simply beautiful. I love the fact that it’s a girl. A girl who looks very solid and powerful to me. There is so much strength in this picture. She also seems very connected to nature, which is something I admire and want to develop more and more in myself.


7 yr old smoking and gun

I’m the mother of two boys. Must I explain why this picture touches my heart so hard? How does THIS even exist? So young. So painful.


woman from ethipian tribu

I think I’ve rarely seen such a beautiful woman in my life. This woman’s face looks perfect to me. She looks smart and proud too. I’m just wondering how different our realities are. Probably very, very different. There is so much diversity on this planet!


farmer with graduated son

I simply love this picture. To think of all that man went through so that his son could go “further” than himself. There is so much sacrifice that we can see and feel from this image. I can’t help thinking about my own grandfather who lived poorly in the hope for the next generation to have something better. I’ve never met him, but I would have gladly taken a similar picture with him if I could. Gratefulness.


Do these pictures resonate with you as much?

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