Tiny Houses: The Key to Live the Best?

tiny house on lake

Minimalism and simple living are different, yet they can easily connect in their shared goal of owning less. Maybe this is the reason why tiny houses are somehow fascinating and appealing to me. I don’t think I’d be able to live in such a home 24/7 for 365 days a year. With three kids, I’d need more intimacy, more space to have some time on my own.


small house in nature

Feeling The Breeze

I might be minimalist, but I’m not a small space type of person. I easily get dizzy when I’m surrounded by too many people or when I’m stuck in very small places. I need to breathe. That’s why spacious lands and nature in general have a positive impact on me. Some might say this means I’m really not made for tiny houses… But owning a tiny house doesn’t mean you can’t own a larger piece of land. Tiny houses allow for being on the move, living in nature and focusing on what matters. With the concept of small houses, you spend more time outside than inside. This is the appealing part for me. Just like a camper, you can live a nomadic life but in a stylish and personalized environment.


little house on the prairie

Bow To The Kings and Queens!

Another thing I appreciate greatly about tiny houses is the irreproachable organized aspect. Every single thing has its place and is in harmony with your desired style. One would think at first that tiny houses quickly turn into a mess, but the truth is that they are all smartly designed to be fully equipped with a lot of storage space. Tiny houses are the kings and queens of multi-purpose furniture! I often get inspired by their organisation.


Less But Only The Best

One aspect of tiny houses that resonates a lot with my definition of minimalism is that owning less doesn’t mean owning cheap! Such small houses are mostly customized for each client’s needs. It results in well-chosen materials and high quality hand-made features. It’s simple living, but in style and with the best that can be made.


tiny house on wheels

Show Me What You Got… Inside!

Recently, I’ve shared with you: I Have a Two-Stair Classic Style Home: Am I Still a Minimalist? so you probably know I’m far from owning such a tiny house. However, as mentioned in this same article, I’m against overconsumption. I try to reduce our belongings and focus on what we really need and use. I prefer focusing on experiences rather than things, and I value humans over belongings and want to introduce my kids to the values I cherish.

If there’s one thing living in a tiny house does, it’s this: It makes you focus on what really matters from the start. It’s almost impossible to accumulate things in such a home. You have to carefully choose what you bring with you. You have to develop a sense of community over a sense of your own self. You have to concentrate on relationships over material stuff.

If, on top of that, your tiny house is on wheels like these examples, you get to travel parts of the world at low cost and with the necessity to meet with others to overcome the sense of loneliness one can get when inhabiting such a tiny space.


agricultural architecture little house

Less is More?

The whole concept of living in a tiny house makes me very curious. Like I wrote at the beginning, I honestly don’t think I’m a good fit to quit my current home and live this type of life. However, I’d be more than open to experience such living for a couple weeks or months a year, either to travel or to simply take a breather. I think such homes are perfect to reconnect with yourself, with your beloved ones and with nature.


What About You? Would You Consider Living In a Tiny House?

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