The Minimalist Wallet Series: Nada Sheppard from miniMOMist

What is in Nada Sheppard’s Wallet

Here’s my take on the “minimalist wallet”. I am a babywearing mom and don’t have the room for a traditional purse or diaper bag, so the less stuff I have to carry with a baby, the better.

So I took a holepunch and punched a bunch of my regular cards, and put them on a small carabiner I had lying around. Now I can hook this onto my belt loop and tuck it into my pocket and go!

Large wallet pic: If I’m going out for groceries or running errands, I bring along my Mommy Hook, which I use to carry around the diaper bag, extra bags and purchases. Saves me from having to carry everything with me.
Small wallet pic: my iPhone, in its Otter Box case; my card — library card, driver’s license, CostCo card, health cards for myself and my daughter, Air Miles card. I also carry a $10 for emergencies.

About Nada Sheppard

Nada “Mama” Sheppard is a SAHM in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She spends her days making eyes at her husband Michael and funny faces at her daughter, Naomi. Her adventures can be found at miniMOMist.

About The Minimalist Wallet Series

I brazenly asked and they’ve delivered!

Bloggers all over are kindly opening up their wallets every Tuesday and showing us what they carry.

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About the Author

I'm a 20-something year old girl who lived out of a single suitcase in 2007, and now I'm living with less, but only with the best. You don't have to get rid of everything to become a minimalist! Minimalism can help simplify and organize your life, career, & physical surroundings. You can read more about me as a minimalist. Or come and visit my other blog Fabulously Broke in the City where I got out of $60,000 of debt in 18 months, earning $65,000 gross/year.