The Logistics of Minimalist living

The concept of living minimalism is something that sound appealing to many of us (and this has presumably fueled your journey to this blog).

In terms of logistics, it’s not always straightforward though. Particularly if you happen to reside in a large house, which has accumulated potentially hundreds of items over time, is it actually possible to live a minimalist life?

Well naturally, the resounding answer is yes. The more things you have, the longer the task, but it could also be argued that it’s also more satisfying in the end.

Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can declutter your life and start your minimalist existence.

The Skip Approach

You only have to take a look at Enviro Waste London to see how skips are now open to the masses. Sure, they may have once only been based on construction sites, but now pretty much every Average Joe can take advantage and throw out the unwanted elements of their life in one swoop. I must say, however, that as a minimalist my environmental concern is not totally satisfied by this option. Unless the company as green values!

It’s also worth mentioning that there can be additional costs with this, with some areas requiring a permit fee if you plan to “park” it in a public space. Nevertheless, the sheer size of skips means that it’s so much easier to throw a lot of things in – and get to that minimalist life a whole lot quicker.

The Skip Bag Approach

Following on from the previous point, let’s introduce skip bags. The bag element should give everything away here – it’s a more portable alternative to a skip. A company will take it off your hands when it becomes full which again allows you to dispose of plenty of unwanted goods in a flash.

Of course, skip bags have a much lower capacity than traditional skips and you should bear this in mind. However, perhaps if you are simplifying your life room-by-room, this is a solution which might prove to be useful.

The Pick-Up Approach

This next suggestion is only going to apply to some of you who reside in an area which offers furniture pick-ups. Lots of local authorities provide this service free of charge, meaning that unwanted furniture is immediately taken off your hands.

If you have thousands of items, as we alluded to in the opening to this guide, it’s not really going to make a dent. Considering that bulky items are often the most difficult to get hold of, this can be an easy way to get someone else to do the heavy lifting.

The Recycle Approach

It’s the greenest solution of the lot, but naturally recycling all of those items is going to be the “best” way. Whether it’s by selling on eBay, or just taking certain items to the local recycling plant, it’s an approach which will involve more hard work but more satisfying returns. Sure, you might be looking to simplify your life, but in opting for this you can benefit someone else’s as well.

Yard sales are also on trend these days. You might want to look into that.

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