The Environmental Impact Hidden in Your Smartphone

It was back in 2011 and I was totally in love with my new smartphone! I was all excited by the color, the shape and all it could do and I thought it was about time to get a phone with bluetooth so I could use it safely in the car. I was even playing it cool with it! 😉

Almost four years later, it’s, well… outdated! Pictures taken with it are just OK. I also realized I don’t use is so much, so I downsized my mobile plan about a year ago. The thing is, it works fine. It almost looks like new and continues to deliver what it delivered 4 years ago! However, things in the mobile world have evolved tremendously in the last years.


So Why Do I Stick Up to It?

I guess that truly is the question and the answer is rather simple: I’m a minimalist. A minimalist who also tries to reduce its environmental footprint. I also think our lifestyle creates multiple unnecessary needs. I’m trying to go back to the essential as much as possible, without being a complete outsider. I have a cellphone and I decided I will use it until it dies.

Yes, it’d be cool to have all the latest apps. But the truth is, I already spend enough time on my computer and social media that I don’t find it efficient for my family and myself to spend more time on technology just because I have a brand new toy!

As I wrote a couple weeks ago, I also try to concentrate on experiences rather than things. My smartphone has given me real short-lived happiness. Not even real happiness on top of that! When I think about what I like doing the most, being on my phone is not on the list. Actually, my best times are often when i turn it off or leave it at home – Yes, it is still possible to go out WITHOUT your phone. I dare you to try! 😉


Am I Turning into A Redneck?

Sometimes, I wonder. It’s true I might look a little technology retarded! Some might be more gentle and call me a vintage woman! 😛 Truth is, I don’t really care. To me, the reasons why I do this surpass the advantages of following the trend!

The other day, I was thinking about the life duration of our material belongings compared to the one of our grandparents’ generation. How many times did I see my grandfather fix or hacking something to turn it useful again? There was barely waste back then. They kept their furniture for like 40 years or so! They moved only twice in their entire life. They didn’t spend on unnecessary needs. Instead, they put some money aside. Later on, they used that money to travel. They also need a big chunk of it now that they’re getting old and need more health care.

Of course, one could argue the economy has changed a lot. That is true but what is also true is that we don’t take care of our things. When something dies or breaks down, we will buy another one! Most of the time, we don’t even wait for it to be broken. We’re just “tired” of it.

So you can laugh at me as much as you want because my smartphone is not as smart as yours, but maybe I’ll be the one laughing in a couple years…


Am I Being Ignorant?

Maybe I’m being simply ignorant here. Maybe I’d be a lot more efficient with the features on a newer mobile. Maybe I’m being stubborn and refuse to evolve. Maybe.

Actually, I don’t deny some features or apps can be really helpful for some. I also totally understand the whole world is moving into something different. Desktops computer are slowly disappearing with tablets and phones are taking their. Some would say they totally changed their life. You know what? You’re probably right. Good for you! I sincerely mean it.

The thing is I don’t care what others can do or can’t do. I try to focus on what I have to do. And well, I think I have just enough tools to help me achieve what needs to be done in a day. I don’t stick to my old phone for emotional reasons. I do it because I believe I don’t need more. I’m also playing the green card. I do think my efforts in thinking before buying can help protecting the environment.


What About the Real Environmental Impact?

So the last words will be quite simple. They are all in the image below. Everything is relative. I might use more energy doing simple things like writing these lines. I definitely pollute more using these plastic water bottles at times – shame on me, that will change. My point is rather to think about our actions and try to determine if they are linked to our values and real needs, or not.


environnemental impact of cellphones

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