The 6 coolest lawyers in pop culture

Late at night when contract lawyers up and down the land are stuck in windowless, basement rooms, poring over the tiny details of the next big deal, it can seem like a million miles from the glamour of the most well-known lawyers in the world. As a reminder of what life could be like, here’s our guide to who we think are the coolest.

1. Atticus Finch

Whether it’s the book or the film you are a fan of, the strong patriarch of the Harper Lee book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ goes against the townspeople to right a wrong and uphold the law. His determination and belief in fairness has been an inspiration that has drawn people into law schools around the world.

2. Harvey Spectre

Harvey is the slickest contract lawyer on TV. If you haven’t seen ‘Suits’, you are missing out on one impressive character. Hard-working, well-connected and stylish beyond belief, Harvey never loses.

3. Arnold Becker

For those around in the eighties, Arnold Becker was the epitome of cool. Played by Corbin Bensen, he was the star of the show ‘L.A. Law’ and had as much success with the ladies as he did with his cases. Rich, successful and always seen in a great car, he spawned thousands of wannabes in law offices around the world.

4. Ally McBeal

Calista Flockhart brought this character to life in this TV show that was a worldwide success in the late nineties. Although unlucky in love and perhaps not cool in the conventional sense, she was great in the courtroom and earned a legion of female fans. This was a bizarre show and bore little resemblance to the realities of contract law or litigation, but it was considered one of the coolest shows on TV for the five years that it ran.

5. Will Gardner

The young hotshot in the show ‘The Good Wife’ is the stereotypical go-getter who wins cases with a smile but takes no prisoners. His Achilles’ heel is Florrick who he dated and never got over. Well, we all have one of them, don’t we?

6. Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee

You might not recognise the name but when I tell you he was played by Tom Cruise in the film ‘A Few Good Men’, you’ll nod and smile. A rookie lawyer, getting to grips with the courtroom and facing the monstrous Jack Nicholson, he sticks to his beliefs against all the odds. The truth? This guy could handle it, as it turned out.


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