Take breaks to enjoy something longer

Know how there’s a saying: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder“?

Apparently that principle rings true for luxuries and pleasures of life as well.

Check out this survey:

Nelson & Meyvis (2008) had participants massaged for 3 minutes. However one group had a 20 second break in the middle while the others had a continuous massage. Who enjoyed it more?

People predicted it would be the continuous massage, but they were wrong. People enjoyed the massage with the break more because the break stopped them becoming acclimatised to the massage.

Via barking up the wrong tree

The more you get used to a luxury that now becomes part of your routine, the less you appreciate it, and one day you will wake up and want an upgrade to another luxury that is probably even more expensive.

In addition, if you really couldn’t afford to make it a regular luxury in the first place, the drop back down to what you had before becomes harder.

It’s the reason why so many people suggest only buying a latte once a week rather than every day — you will not only save money, you will appreciate that cup all the more.

Lesson of the day for me? Don’t upgrade my lifestyle. *crosses fingers*


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