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  • Organizing Books on a Bookcase: Stop Motion

    Tweet Making organizing a bookshelf fun. It also shows you some great ways to be able to organize your books, like by colour or even backwards! Via Apartment Therapy

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  • Who says the Macbook Air can’t do double-duty?

    Tweet Not only is it compact enough to travel with or go to a coffee shop with, it CUTS VEGETABLES… and de-veins shrimp 😉 Note: I don’t recommend doing this with your Macbook Air. This is just for laughs, folks. Via Absolutely Fobulous

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  • The xylophone in the forest (Japan)

    Tweet Lovely.

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  • The Art of Ironing

    Tweet Seriously. It’s just a video with a Japanese guy ironing a shirt. I can’t believe I watched it, and liked it. All I can say is that it felt like I was watching a true master at work. The samurai of ironing. It sounds […]

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  • Kids and Old Technology

    Kids and Old Technology

    Tweet I feel very old right now. I didn’t recognize some of the items like the HP mouse (I thought it was a remote control.. *blush*), but I did have a Gameboy and a floppy disk, used even as recently as 5 years ago!! I […]

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