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  • Do you really relax on vacation?

    Tweet When you go on a vacation, do you really relax? For me, it depends. I obviously love to travel so I like to visit other countries where I’ve been to before like Portugal, where I can relax and do nothing but shoot the breeze. […]

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  • NYC Subway Takes You Around the World

    NYC Subway Takes You Around the World

    Tweet The ultimate staycation*. This NYC Subway will take you around the world, with its beautifully decorated cars. Wish we had that all the time! *NB: A vacation where you stay at home. Who says you need money to travel? 🙂 Just a subway train […]

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  • See you in September! On Vacation Again (Portugal and Spain)

    Tweet See you in September!! I’m on vacation again, part two, to Spain and Portugal. This time, it’s Europe, where I shall eat and drink (non-alcoholic drinks) to be fantastically merry. I have posts from my trip coming up mostly on Thursdays on this blog, […]

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  • STICKY: I am currently on vacation!

    Tweet Hi everyone 🙂 If you see this post, it means I am currently on vacation! I’ll be gone for about a month, but I have scheduled posts until mid-2012, so no worries here 😉 I am currently traveling Asia, visiting the following cities: Tokyo […]

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