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  • Working from home (Telecommuting)

    Working from home (Telecommuting)

    Tweet I’m a consultant, so generally I have to travel to different cities (hence the mobile minimalism mindset) and basically temporarily live where the clients are. Sometimes my expenses are paid, other times, I just ask for a higher rate and cover it out of […]

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  • My library situation and how I am reading and keeping books

    Tweet I broke down. I gave in to the Apple mothership and purchased an iPad a year ago. My main reasons for choosing the iPad It’s in colour. I read a lot of comic books/manga and it isn’t the same without colour It’s at least […]

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  • Traveling with the Essentials – What I bring with me

    Tweet In 2011, I basically took the whole year off to fly and travel. It may not seem very minimalist to some of you, but these are things I am noticing are fairly light but pack a big punch in terms of functionality for flights. […]

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  • Tips on living in a hotel

    Tweet Living in a hotel seems to be a big topic for the blog because it’s unusual so I’ll go over a couple of things I do to keep everything organized. You can also use some of the tips outlined below if you are traveling […]

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  • Living in a hotel without a kitchen

    Tweet I’ve talked a lot about living in a hotel, but most of the ones I choose tend to have a full kitchen. Or at least a kitchenette, which means a microwave and a bar fridge with a sink. But then I got to thinking […]

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