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  • How do you relax and take a mental vacation?

    How do you relax and take a mental vacation?

    Tweet When work becomes stressful, you still have 10 things on your To Do list that have to get done this week and you feel frazzled, how do you relax? I know some common ones are go for a walk, drink tea, take a shower/bath […]

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  • 3 ways to change your life

    3 ways to change your life

    Tweet Feel like you’re in a rut and you aren’t making any progress? Sometimes I get to the point where I think: Ugh. Same old same old. I feel like I haven’t learned anything new, seen anything new or am doing anything interesting to improve […]

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  • Minimalist Storefronts

    Tweet   We all know about minimalism in general, especially for houses, but from my trip to Asia, here are some more interesting ways to be minimalist, even in your business. If you have a bike, you have a storefront.     This woman is […]

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  • Do you really relax on vacation?

    Tweet When you go on a vacation, do you really relax? For me, it depends. I obviously love to travel so I like to visit other countries where I’ve been to before like Portugal, where I can relax and do nothing but shoot the breeze. […]

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  • Asia 2011: Roundup of the trip

    Asia 2011: Roundup of the trip

    Tweet For your convenience, here are all of my posts from both of my blogs about my trip to Asia for 5 weeks (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore) BUDGET & NOTES Visual overview of my Trip to Asia (Sneak Preview) The Cost and Budget […]

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