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  • Traveling with the Essentials – What I bring with me

    Tweet In 2011, I basically took the whole year off to fly and travel. It may not seem very minimalist to some of you, but these are things I am noticing are fairly light but pack a big punch in terms of functionality for flights. […]

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  • Mongolian nomads seeing their photos for the first time

    Tweet This is really a lovely video — the reactions of the nomads seeing their photo for the first time is something very innocent and pure. The photos were taken by teenagers Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe who went to Monglia. “each person photographed really […]

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  • Using an old men’s shirt as a new dress

    Using an old men’s shirt as a new dress

    Tweet Talk about minimalist cool. You could go on a trip with your boyfriend (actually, he might have to be a pretty large guy from what I am eying as the size of these shirts), and never have to pack a single thing. Just steal […]

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  • Wonders of the World: How many have you seen?

    Tweet Oh how embarrassing. I am estimating I’ll only reach 10 out of the 100 listed here! It looks like a lot of places I haven’t been yet, like India or Egypt make the list many times over. I wasn’t so far off, I got […]

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  • You don’t really need to know the language

    Tweet Some people who learn that I went to any country where they REALLY don’t speak English (or a few broken words), always express amazement at my being able to navigate anywhere. They’re scared that if they end up in a country where they don’t […]

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