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  • Tips on living in a hotel

    Tweet Living in a hotel seems to be a big topic for the blog because it’s unusual so I’ll go over a couple of things I do to keep everything organized. You can also use some of the tips outlined below if you are traveling […]

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  • How do you relax and take a mental vacation?

    How do you relax and take a mental vacation?

    Tweet When work becomes stressful, you still have 10 things on your To Do list that have to get done this week and you feel frazzled, how do you relax? I know some common ones are go for a walk, drink tea, take a shower/bath […]

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  • College Minimalism: Living low-key in a dorm room

    Tweet Reader Sarah asked for some tips on college dorm life… paired with minimalism. Being someone who has lived in a dorm for college, I feel somewhat qualified to expose all of my stupid non-minimalist behaviour during college in the hopes that someone learns from […]

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  • How to keep your car organized to carry heavy items

    Tweet Lindy of Minting Nickels wrote this post about 3 tools to make busy lives better, and it reminded me of something we do. We keep a blue recycling box in the car, kind of like this one: Like Lindy, we use it to keep […]

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  • Minimalist Moving

    Minimalist Moving

    Tweet So you’re thinking about hiring a moving company like United Van Lines and are looking the best way to do it. Some of you have been asking about tips and tricks on moving, so here they are! As for my credentials, I’ve moved at […]

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