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  • Is minimalism just a fad?

    Is minimalism just a fad?

    Tweet Are we all a bunch of posers who are jumping on the minimalism bandwagon? Aspiring Minimalist wrote in her post  Is Less More? -Recently I received a comment from a reader, and they wrote the following: Trendy nonsense. This is just an attempt to […]

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  • Our priorities are not someone else’s priorities

    Tweet We decide our own priorities by the actions we take. Words are strong as well, but not as definitive as actually getting off our butts and doing something or deciding something. Take our careers/work lives for example. I may decide that my priority is […]

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  • Living up to our Jones’ doppelganger

    Tweet Sometimes we think about buying or upgrading things just for the sake of it, or for the image. We are our own Joneses. We do a lot of things in our life that help contribute to being the person we want to be, however […]

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  • Modern Nomadism

    Modern Nomadism

    Tweet Just read a rather interesting link the other day: Does moving a lot as a child create adult baggage? “My original interest was in cultural differences and well-being,” said Shigehiro Oishi, the lead author, a psychology professor at the University of Virginia. He was […]

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  • Everything you lose, makes room for something more

    Everything you lose, makes room for something more

    Tweet I can remember the day I lost my jacket very clearly a couple of years ago, when I was downtown. But when I say lost, I mean stolen. Someone stole my jacket as I set it down and was distracted by something else. At […]

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