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  • Minimalist Hairstyling: Pros, Cons and Costs

    Minimalist Hairstyling: Pros, Cons and Costs

    Tweet Just the other day BF turns to me and says: You know darling, if you just cut your hair down short like mine, you could save a LOT of money and it’d be a huge amount over 30 years. Think about it. (He really […]

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  • Feeling and acting rich means so many different things

    Tweet The typical idea of acting rich is to drive a huge Mercedes or BMW, live in a posh condo in downtown Manhattan, or a huge McMansion in Silicon Valley. The only problem is that people who aren’t millionaires, and own huge McMansions with BMWs […]

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  • Why food was so undesirably scarce for us in Asia

    Tweet I’m getting a lot of little comments here and there along the lines of: You didn’t go to the right places You don’t know where the locals eat (& you should have asked!) I don’t remember food being like that at all So I […]

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  • What happens after minimalism?

    Tweet So you’re a minimalist. You’ve given up everything but a mug, 2 cups, 2 plates, 2 sets of cutlery, a futon on the floor, a TV, 25 pieces of your wardrobe including shoes and bags and a laptop.* *Note: This is not me. I […]

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  • Clean your slate for the New Year and your mind

    Tweet Now is the perfect time to take care of your mental distractions. Things such as unsaid words, open disagreements or anything outstanding are small things, but like small pieces of clutter, they will build up and weigh on your mind well into the new […]

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