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  • Fashion Icon’s view on Traveling and Packing Light

    Tweet Here is Diane von Furstenberg, legendary wrap dress guru to give you some insights on her mindset about traveling. She doesn’t give actual tips about traveling when she speaks, but after watching the video, even if you aren’t into fashion or style, you can […]

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  • Packing suitcases: The Continuous Trial and Error Method

    Tweet Here’s something I do after every trip I take: At the end of your trip after you’ve packed all of your essentials, make a note of what you used and what you wore, and what you didn’t. You can do this a couple of […]

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  • Minimalist Comic – Stuff No One Told Me: The weight of things

    Tweet This wonderful comic comes from the blog Stuff No One Told Me, which I read on occasion when people share interesting comics. His comic: “The Weight of Things“, details out almost the same process of how and why I got into minimalism, except I […]

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  • Everything We Own

    Everything We Own

    Tweet There you have it. Everything we own fits into the following 6 suitcases and 4 carry-ons. The boxes of stuff you see with our kitchen stuff fits into one of the large suitcases. We just don’t use the boxes when we move or travel with […]

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  • The First Move of 2011: Montreal, QC

    Tweet Yep. I moved. Again. This time, returning to a city I had previously left – MONTREAL! 🙂 Here for a short jaunt and then in about another month, I will be leaving for another city (Toronto) to relax and start preparing for my trip […]

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