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  • Do you own a wardrobe or a bunch of clothes in your closet?

    Tweet I guess I never really had a problem with finding things to wear, because when I was a former shopaholic, I bought EVERYTHING in sight. I had neutrals upon neutrals, loads of basic items and lots of other extra pieces that seemed to all […]

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  • Using an old men’s shirt as a new dress

    Using an old men’s shirt as a new dress

    Tweet Talk about minimalist cool. You could go on a trip with your boyfriend (actually, he might have to be a pretty large guy from what I am eying as the size of these shirts), and never have to pack a single thing. Just steal […]

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  • Fashion Icon’s view on Traveling and Packing Light

    Tweet Here is Diane von Furstenberg, legendary wrap dress guru to give you some insights on her mindset about traveling. She doesn’t give actual tips about traveling when she speaks, but after watching the video, even if you aren’t into fashion or style, you can […]

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  • Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you have to give up style and fashion

    Tweet The most common (and negative) comment I get about any kind of wardrobe post is: You don’t need that much as a minimalist! You’re crazy/psychotic! You’re just pushing people to shop more! All I own are 2 shirts, 1 pair of sweatpants and a […]

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  • The tourist me and why I don’t care about looking nice when I’m traveling

    Tweet Whenever I go on vacation, I am not myself. You know, the self that I am at home or in my own country. I gawk more and I dress mostly for comfort which usually means ugly. It’s like being another version of myself. If […]

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