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  • Being torn between being minimalist and frugal

    Tweet A great question asked by a reader: Do you ever feel like you’re being torn between being minimalist and being frugal? My answer? YES! ALL THE TIME. Then put in my natural nature to be a shopaholic and you have a triple personality disorder […]

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  • What would you take if your house was on fire?

    Tweet Related to a post I wrote a while back about what I’d take if my apartment was burning, I mentioned that we make lists in our mind about what we’d take, but in reality.. we just grab our kids/pets/important-to-us stuff (1 or 2 things) […]

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  • How to deal with sentimental items you don’t want to let go

    Tweet Everyone has things that they can’t let go. Want to see one of mine? This huge, honking, child-sized teddy bear from Ikea that didn’t cost more than perhaps $20. I named him “Mr. Bear” when I first got him and he holds a lot […]

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  • How much is too much? Is it ever enough?

    Tweet I’ve always wondered if there were rules concerning how many clothes or laptops were enough. To be fair, no one needs more than a couple of outfits a week and a laptop per person (if one at all), but with such an overabundance available […]

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  • Why I paid more for my laptop than my car

    Why I paid more for my laptop than my car

    Tweet I like stuff. I really do. I like using it, buying it (former shopaholic here!), and I do get a certain amount of satisfaction out of what I own. Could I “live without it”, like let’s say if everything was lost in a fire? […]

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