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  • Feeling like you always have enough time

    Tweet Whenever someone says: There just isn’t enough time in a day to do everything! I instinctively reflect on my life and whether I think and feel the same way. The answer is always: No. I have plenty of time, but sometimes I make bad […]

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  • Why are people in such a rush?

    Why are people in such a rush?

    Tweet People are in such a rush these days: ….. they turn left when the light is red on a one-way street Isn’t that illegal? I was always taught that left turns on the red = NO NO (as is the usage of words “No […]

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  • 3 Strategies to help you Stop Shopping

    Tweet If keeping your home clutter free is not a good shopping strategy for you, read on for my top 3 strategies (tried, tested and true) that have helped me many a time to stop a purchase. I have used them individually or in combinations […]

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  • Simplify Your Routines

    Simplify Your Routines

    Tweet Sometimes a little simplification to your routine is all you need. Focus on mono-tasking. Multi-tasking just isn’t what it’s been cracked up to be. Less is sometimes more.Do the opposite of others. Instead of trying to do it all, do one or two things, […]

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  • When your collection becomes clutter

    When your collection becomes clutter

    Tweet Many people go lifetimes collecting shot glasses and displaying them without ever thinking or feeling like they have a cluttered collection or home. If you are one of those people, then rock on. But before I let you off the hook completely, note that […]

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