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  • Make a ‘What Not To Buy’ List

    Tweet It just occurred to me the other day when going through my wardrobe and trying to do a heavy purge, that we always make lists of what to buy to fill up our wardrobe and make it complete. Or our lives for that matter. […]

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  • Asia 2011: Roundup of the trip

    Asia 2011: Roundup of the trip

    Tweet For your convenience, here are all of my posts from both of my blogs about my trip to Asia for 5 weeks (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore) BUDGET & NOTES Visual overview of my Trip to Asia (Sneak Preview) The Cost and Budget […]

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  • Do you buy more just because it’s a better deal?

    Tweet Are you interested in how much I spent in Asia for 5 weeks for each category? Head on over to my Fabulously Broke in the City blog, and check out my budget for Asia 2011 for 5 weeks along with notes and more photographs […]

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  • Chocolate: The Bitter Truth

    Tweet After watching this documentary by BBC called Chocolate: The Bitter Truth by Panorama, I am swearing off chocolate products as much as I can (sometimes you can’t tell if cocoa has been added). You can watch it here: Chocolate: The Bitter Truth Part One […]

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  • Americans buy a trillion more than they need each year

    Tweet This study just focuses on Americans, but let’s not ignore the fact that Canada spends a lot too, and so do other First World countries. Other notables are emerging markets like China with a population of 1.3 billion who are starting to get a […]

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