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  • Minimalist Packaging (Design)

    Minimalist Packaging (Design)

    Tweet I rather like the packaging of those Nutella jars that can be reused as cups afterwards: You just rip off the top and clean it out to use it like a mug. Or keep the top (I don’t know if can be kept) and […]

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  • Do you own a wardrobe or a bunch of clothes in your closet?

    Tweet I guess I never really had a problem with finding things to wear, because when I was a former shopaholic, I bought EVERYTHING in sight. I had neutrals upon neutrals, loads of basic items and lots of other extra pieces that seemed to all […]

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  • Buying only to replace what you’ve used or worn out

    Tweet I think I’m at this stage now of my things — buying only to replace what has broken. For instance, my first PC from college years is about to die. It shuts off without warning (total black screen blackout), and just won’t keep a […]

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  • Walking around without a purse

    Tweet   The other day I went out with just a jacket, jeans, my minimalist silver ID wallet and my iPod Touch. See below: Nothing else. I cannot tell you how many times people stopped me in the stores I was browsing in (mostly clothing […]

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  • Study those ingredient lists!

    Tweet If you want to buy argan oil (which I love for my face), then make sure the ingredient list has 100% argan oil, rather than all these fillers with argan oil as the bottom ingredient. Let’s compare Sally’s Beauty Supply versus Josie Maran’s Argan […]

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