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  • Learn How to Stop Being Bored

    Learn How to Stop Being Bored

    Tweet As a society, we are a bunch of bored folk. When we’re bored, what do we do? Turn on the TV Go Digital Go Shopping Eat I’m not saying that all of those activities are bad (heck, they’re on my list of things I […]

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  • Putting a value to sleep in your life

    Putting a value to sleep in your life

    Tweet As of late, I’ve had my sleep disrupted from false (arg!) fire alarms in my building. It has thrown off my schedule for sleeping, waking me up at odd hours, making me trudge down 20+ flights of stairs and having to wake up for […]

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  • Are you taking your job for granted?

    Tweet A good wake-up call for anyone who works, including myself is to make sure you aren’t taking what you have for granted. Here are some behaviours Psychology Today outlined: Tardiness — “It really doesn’t matter to me who has to wait.” Not Responding to […]

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  • TV isn’t evil or a waste of time.

    TV isn’t evil or a waste of time.

    Tweet I like watching TV. *GASP HEARD AROUND THE WORLD* Yeah you heard me. I’m a minimalist, and I like to watch TV, but I don’t own a TV nor do I pay for cable TV unless I am in a hotel or I have […]

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  • 15 ways to Simplify your life

    Tweet 1. Just say No. — You cannot be Superwoman or Superman. It’s just impossible. 2. Create a meal plan for the week. — I cook once & eat the same thing for lunch all week. Note: Dinners are different meals & my breakfast is […]

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