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  • Traveling alone and want to take pictures of yourself there? No problem!

    Tweet People can call it strange, but I say brilliant. 🙂 You won’t have to give up the camera to a stranger to take a picture of you (what if they run off with it!?). You won’t have to leave your camera on a timer […]

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  • Mongolian nomads seeing their photos for the first time

    Tweet This is really a lovely video — the reactions of the nomads seeing their photo for the first time is something very innocent and pure. The photos were taken by teenagers Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe who went to Monglia. “each person photographed really […]

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  • Love having photos around you but don’t want clutter?

    Tweet People always ask me what I do with photos when I travel or keep moving so often. Do I hang photographs of people I love, and which pictures do I choose to print and hang? My answer is that I don’t have photos I […]

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  • Where I will be for the rest of the year

    Where I will be for the rest of the year

    Tweet Quick shots of the hotel before I swept in with my stuff and dropped it everywhere. I use the second bed as my “wardrobe” area to lay my clothes flat. I also use the other bed as my “filing area” because it’s so big, […]

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