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  • How much is too much? Is it ever enough?

    Tweet I’ve always wondered if there were rules concerning how many clothes or laptops were enough. To be fair, no one needs more than a couple of outfits a week and a laptop per person (if one at all), but with such an overabundance available […]

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  • The 10 steps to get your wardrobe to where you want it to be

    Tweet One of the most frequent questions I get are from women asking how they can pare down on their wardrobe and figure out what to keep and what to toss. Without further ado, here is my comprehensive post on how to do this (and […]

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  • Living with the Essentials to enhance your enjoyment

    Tweet Pare down to the essentials so you can enhance the enjoyment and focus on what you have. 5 monkey wrenches? Keep only one. It will be used and cherished more than having the 4 other non-essential tools to distract you. Items will become more […]

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