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  • Organizing Books on a Bookcase: Stop Motion

    Tweet Making organizing a bookshelf fun. It also shows you some great ways to be able to organize your books, like by colour or even backwards! Via Apartment Therapy

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  • How I organize my AwesomeNotes folders

    Tweet To recap, you can read about my love affair with AwesomeNotes for $3.99 in these posts. (Stupid name, great application) I am constantly trying to improve my organizational skills, which means I am always changing my folders, consolidating them, splitting them and trying out […]

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  • Ursus Wehrli — Art of the Cleanup

    Tweet   By Ursus Wehrli. Quite striking and sort of appeals to my slight OCD nature (but if you’ve seen me nest while working on a project, you’d think I was the opposite of OCD).       You can see a lot more of […]

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  • Downsizing your music collection

    Tweet I don’t own CDs nor do I own cassettes. What I do own, are two hard drives full of music @ 200GB worth. That’s thousands upon thousands of songs, and hundreds of albums, for days and days of music. Credit I COULDN’T FIND WHAT […]

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  • Organize Gadgets in your Bag

    Organize Gadgets in your Bag

    Tweet Want. Grid-It! by Cocoon Innovations is an organizer that has a weave of elastic bands in various sizes to keep the contents of your bag neat and tidy. It’s extremely versatile with multiple configurations to secure your phone, wallet, SD cards, pens, compact camera, […]

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