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  • How I organize my AwesomeNotes folders

    Tweet To recap, you can read about my love affair with AwesomeNotes for $3.99 in these posts. (Stupid name, great application) I am constantly trying to improve my organizational skills, which means I am always changing my folders, consolidating them, splitting them and trying out […]

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  • Do you own a wardrobe or a bunch of clothes in your closet?

    Tweet I guess I never really had a problem with finding things to wear, because when I was a former shopaholic, I bought EVERYTHING in sight. I had neutrals upon neutrals, loads of basic items and lots of other extra pieces that seemed to all […]

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  • Fashion Icon’s view on Traveling and Packing Light

    Tweet Here is Diane von Furstenberg, legendary wrap dress guru to give you some insights on her mindset about traveling. She doesn’t give actual tips about traveling when she speaks, but after watching the video, even if you aren’t into fashion or style, you can […]

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  • Feeling like you always have enough time

    Tweet Whenever someone says: There just isn’t enough time in a day to do everything! I instinctively reflect on my life and whether I think and feel the same way. The answer is always: No. I have plenty of time, but sometimes I make bad […]

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  • 5 Strategies to Cut down on Clutter

    5 Strategies to Cut down on Clutter

    Tweet 5 Strategies to Get Rid of Clutter 1) One-In One-Out Rule This one has never worked with any success for me, but many swear by it. Basically if you bring in a new pair of shoes into the home, an old pair of shoes […]

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