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  • Storage under the stairs

    Tweet Making the most of your space is something I really enjoy seeing in interior decorating. I love hanging things on walls to give more storage or hanging storage in closets (like a double rack) to double the space. So when I see these pictures, […]

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  • Working from home (Telecommuting)

    Working from home (Telecommuting)

    Tweet I’m a consultant, so generally I have to travel to different cities (hence the mobile minimalism mindset) and basically temporarily live where the clients are. Sometimes my expenses are paid, other times, I just ask for a higher rate and cover it out of […]

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  • Picturing Social Order in a Shirt

    Picturing Social Order in a Shirt

    Tweet What a brilliant idea and design. Quite symbolic. In case you can’t read it: Higher managerial and professional occupations: 10.2% Lower managerial and professional occupation: 21.9% Intermediate occupations: 10.4% Small employers and own account workers: 7.3% Lower supervisory and technical occupations: 9.6% Semi routine […]

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  • Successful people leave work early

    Tweet From Business Insider: The key to great success is working harder in short bursts of time. Then give yourself a break before getting back to work. The trick is staying focused. Try this for a day: don’t answer every phone call. Stop checking your […]

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  • The WTF Stamp: Just what I need

    The WTF Stamp: Just what I need

    Tweet I’d like this for the office please. 😉 Via Daily Design Bits

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