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  • Simplify Your Life: Finances

    Tweet The Guide to Simplifying Your Life At the Office Kitchen & Eating Routines Wardrobe & Closet Self-Maintenance Time Management House and Home Finances Automate your Finances Consolidate your bank accounts Simple budgeting and expense tracking Keep 1-2 credit cards and use them wisely Use […]

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  • Why our trip to Asia 2011 will cost $10,000 each person

    Tweet I mentioned recently that BF did the preliminary budget per person, and came out to $9700 per person for our trip which includes food, lodging, transportation and flights but not personal shopping. I told him I had already expected to spend about $10,000 total. […]

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  • Money really doesn’t make you happy

    Tweet An Australian millionaire gave away his 2.7 million EUR fortune because he finally realized he was falling into a consumerism trap, and money didn’t make him happy. Note to all readers: This is a EUROPEAN, ENGLISH from ENGLAND article written about an AUSTRALIAN man. […]

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  • Renting versus Owning

    Tweet Which is more minimalist? I’d say renting because: No paint or decorations to buy that you cannot remove/take down You are not going to start buying large, bulky pieces of furniture You try to make as much space as possible by owning less & […]

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  • Celebrity Spending Sprees: Imelda Marcos and her infamous shoes

    Celebrity Spending Sprees: Imelda Marcos and her infamous shoes

    Tweet Imelda Marcos was the wife of Ferdinand E. Marcos, the 10th Philippine President of the Philippines. When the palace doors came loose on their hinges the amount of STUFF was incredible: A billion here 800 million there An office tower in Manhattan A waterfront […]

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