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  • Working from home (Telecommuting)

    Working from home (Telecommuting)

    Tweet I’m a consultant, so generally I have to travel to different cities (hence the mobile minimalism mindset) and basically temporarily live where the clients are. Sometimes my expenses are paid, other times, I just ask for a higher rate and cover it out of […]

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  • “Living” at the Airport

    “Living” at the Airport

    Tweet Alain de Botton (Swiss) spent a week “in-residence” at Heathrow Airport, as their first writer in-residence (CNN: Memoirs of an airport ‘writer-in-residence’). On the Job: I only accepted the offer from Heathrow Airport to be their writer-in-residence if they could promise that I’d really […]

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  • College, Minimalist and Mobile Cooking: The scoop on eating well without a fully-equipped kitchen

    Tweet I know this post says: College Cooking, but it can also be considered Minimalist, if you consider how little you really need to make an awesome meal on the fly. I use a lot of these principles when I live out of hotel rooms, […]

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  • E-Books and reasons for & against them

    E-Books and reasons for & against them

    Tweet Pros A library at your fingertips! Slim, light and easy to carry on the go for trips or to put in a purse For use, it’s easy to hold in bed & my hands won’t get tired or ache-y For mobility: easy to move […]

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  • Need an office on the fly?

    Tweet Not very practical mind you, but very cool nonetheless. Imagine if this became a working proof? 😀 Pop Up from abw on Vimeo.

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