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  • The Minimalist’s Massage Chair

    The Minimalist’s Massage Chair

    Tweet Easy to pick up and travel with 😉 The Pure Lady Message Chair is a portable number that will melt all your troubles away with its soothing messaging air bags that delivers accupressure to all your sore spots. Made of synthetic leather, the chair […]

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  • A Minimalist Nativity Set

    A Minimalist Nativity Set

    Tweet Not exactly what I’d call charming, warm & fuzzy, but my inner minimalist loves it. You can probably play Jenga with them after Christmas Season is over. And I am totally loving the Baby Jesus block. 😛 Maybe we could even learn German while […]

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  • A minimalist’s shoe

    A minimalist’s shoe

    Tweet Apparently when you put your foot on it and stand up, your foot spreads out and it is an actual shoe. Shown from Toe to Heel. Via Gizmodo

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  • Low-cost, minimalist bookends

    Low-cost, minimalist bookends

    Tweet You could put any kind of design you wanted on these bookends. Find out how they made them here with a brick and some paper.

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