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  • Not everyone wants to be a minimalist. Now what?

    Not everyone wants to be a minimalist. Now what?

    Tweet So you’ve decided you want to be a minimalist. Awesome. But not everyone in your life or family wants to do it. Now what? Do it just for yourself –– stop shopping, get rid of your clutter and control your life Do it by […]

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  • I am a bad minimalist blogger.

    Tweet I am here to tell you that everything I do as a “minimalist” is purely for selfish, practical reasons. (Actually, even doing minimalist stuff to find inner peace and lightness is selfish as well, isn’t it? I mean you’re trying to find zen for […]

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  • Minimalist’s Shoe Wardrobe

    Minimalist’s Shoe Wardrobe

    Tweet Reader Angela wrote in asking about a post on basics of a minimalist shoe wardrobe: My first thought was: Oh no. My second thought was: Wait. I don’t have an insane amount of shoes. No fetish here. 😀 I know women with 100+ pairs. […]

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  • A Minimalist’s Kitchen and Cooking Utensils

    A Minimalist’s Kitchen and Cooking Utensils

    Tweet These seem to be pretty popular posts! You’ve seen my “office” and my fridge. Now how about my kitchen and my pantry? 🙂 I guess it’s like when I like seeing people’s homes and how they organize — it’s voyeurism at its best! (Or […]

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  • Ultra-Small Parking-Space Sized 30 Square Metered Japanese Apartment for $500,000

    Tweet …and at half a million, it’s a steal, especially in Japan. I don’t think I could do this. This is not what I’d consider to be a comfortable lifestyle, no matter how minimalist, but I really admire and applaud his drive to own a […]

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