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  • Modern Nomadism

    Modern Nomadism

    Tweet Just read a rather interesting link the other day: Does moving a lot as a child create adult baggage? “My original interest was in cultural differences and well-being,” said Shigehiro Oishi, the lead author, a psychology professor at the University of Virginia. He was […]

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  • Renting versus Owning

    Tweet Which is more minimalist? I’d say renting because: No paint or decorations to buy that you cannot remove/take down You are not going to start buying large, bulky pieces of furniture You try to make as much space as possible by owning less & […]

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  • The Top 5 Kitchen Appliances I must have!

    The Top 5 Kitchen Appliances I must have!

    Tweet I thought it’d be a fun exercise to go over my top 5 kitchen appliances: DISHWASHER We have been living 6 months without a dishwasher, and we’ve already had 2 big fights over it, namely the amount of dishes that have to be done, […]

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  • Over caring for your things

    Tweet I talked about not caring enough for your things so you can avoid bringing in more stuff. I still stand by that, but sometimes taking too much care of your items can also be a detriment to your time, energy and wallet. If you don’t […]

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  • Quote of the Month: Henry David Thoreau

    Quote of the Month: Henry David Thoreau

    Tweet ‘A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.’ Henry David Thoreau

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