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  • The Minimalist Wallet Series: Andrew Randazzo

    Tweet What is in Andrew Randazzo’s Wallet I donʼt like carrying cash and Iʼm opposed to credit cards, so the contents of my wallet consist of my: ING debit card Drivers license EMT license CPR certification All held together by a CRKT K.I.S.S. pocket/money clip […]

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  • Add beauty to your space without adding bulk

    Add beauty to your space without adding bulk

    Tweet Attack your walls! 🙂 But don’t start installing shelves or hanging paintings yet. What I am talking about, is painting on the walls, adding wallpaper, decals or interesting pieces of art without adding bulk and extra items into your home (this is a minimalist blog, […]

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  • Minimalism lends well to (modern) nomadism

    Tweet From my (and BF’s) personal experiences, being a minimalist has a lot of benefits, namely being able to be a sort of a nomad. I used to joke (early on) that I was a nomad, because I had no fixed address and stayed in […]

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  • The Minimalist Wallet Series: Hasina from Fabulissime

    Tweet What is in Hasina’s Purse iPhone (seriously the best multitasking device ever) Passport (I started travelling from a young age so I got into the habit of carrying my passport with me at all times) Wallet (with id cards like driving license, insurance card, […]

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  • The Minimalist Wallet Series: Nada Sheppard from miniMOMist

    Tweet What is in Nada Sheppard’s Wallet Here’s my take on the “minimalist wallet”. I am a babywearing mom and don’t have the room for a traditional purse or diaper bag, so the less stuff I have to carry with a baby, the better. So […]

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