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  • Study those ingredient lists!

    Tweet If you want to buy argan oil (which I love for my face), then make sure the ingredient list has 100% argan oil, rather than all these fillers with argan oil as the bottom ingredient. Let’s compare Sally’s Beauty Supply versus Josie Maran’s Argan […]

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  • 50 Items We Don’t Own

    Tweet Note: This is not a post or a competition to brag about how little we own. It’s just a simple list of what we don’t seem to need for on a daily basis. Coming up with 50 items was a challenge! I even thought […]

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  • Great Essential WordPress Plugins to Use

    Tweet I probably use more than most but I`ve found these exceptionally handy for blogging: Akismet: Stops spam in its tracks. You still see all of the spam that comes in. WP Site Stats: Good general view of referrers, visits and so on. Needs your […]

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  • The Top 5 Kitchen Appliances I must have!

    The Top 5 Kitchen Appliances I must have!

    Tweet I thought it’d be a fun exercise to go over my top 5 kitchen appliances: DISHWASHER We have been living 6 months without a dishwasher, and we’ve already had 2 big fights over it, namely the amount of dishes that have to be done, […]

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  • Saturday Project: Making your Holiday Shopping List

    Saturday Project: Making your Holiday Shopping List

    Tweet The Holiday Season is fast approaching, and if you are anything like me, you are getting nervous with the amount of people out on the streets, shopping & snatching up all the great gifts. Or worse, you can’t seem to stick to your list […]

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