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  • Who’s to say what’s stupid or not, as long as you’re happy?

    Tweet Sometimes a simple comic is all you need to put things into perspective.

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  • How Americans spend their day

    Tweet   This doesn’t surprise me in the least. We all need to sleep, eat & drink, do some household stuff and work. However, I do find it interesting that watching TV has such a large bump. Before TV, it must have been spread out […]

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  • Is it the Learning or the Rankings that matter?

    Is it the Learning or the Rankings that matter?

    Tweet Is it what grades you get in school that makes it worthwhile, or that you learned something? When I was a student, everyone fought for ‘the best grades’ of the class, even if it meant being ruthless and in some cases, people compromised their […]

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  • The Shaming and Judgment of Others’ Lifestyles and Choices

    Tweet We as a society, have a problem with shaming others and not seeing the good in the actions others take. We shame others for even taking the smallest of steps in the right direction, because they aren’t going far enough for us. It is […]

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  • 3 ways to change your life

    3 ways to change your life

    Tweet Feel like you’re in a rut and you aren’t making any progress? Sometimes I get to the point where I think: Ugh. Same old same old. I feel like I haven’t learned anything new, seen anything new or am doing anything interesting to improve […]

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