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  • Wishful travelers and the money trees in Britain

    Tweet I know you’ve heard of wishing wells, but how about money trees? When travelers in Britain pass by these trees, they hammer in a coin into these trees. Kind of like wishing trees. By giving small trinkets, food, beverages or other items to certain […]

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  • Ursus Wehrli — Art of the Cleanup

    Tweet   By Ursus Wehrli. Quite striking and sort of appeals to my slight OCD nature (but if you’ve seen me nest while working on a project, you’d think I was the opposite of OCD).       You can see a lot more of […]

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  • “Living” at the Airport

    “Living” at the Airport

    Tweet Alain de Botton (Swiss) spent a week “in-residence” at Heathrow Airport, as their first writer in-residence (CNN: Memoirs of an airport ‘writer-in-residence’). On the Job: I only accepted the offer from Heathrow Airport to be their writer-in-residence if they could promise that I’d really […]

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  • 1000 Years of European History: An Animated Map

    Tweet Wonderful, informative video. I love seeing how this part of the world has changed over 1000 years. It’s quite a long video (5 minutes +), but well worth the watch considering it’s condensing everything down from 1000 years. Via Paul Kedrosky Many thanks to […]

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  • All About Coffee

    All About Coffee

    Tweet Just found it interesting. I don’t drink that stuff (gives me an awful headache and makes me throw up).. but I do like the aroma of it. Here are some choice ones I liked and learned something new from. Read all about the 15 […]

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