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  • How I organize my AwesomeNotes folders

    Tweet To recap, you can read about my love affair with AwesomeNotes for $3.99 in these posts. (Stupid name, great application) I am constantly trying to improve my organizational skills, which means I am always changing my folders, consolidating them, splitting them and trying out […]

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  • Colours in Cultures

    Colours in Cultures

    Tweet Beautifully done infographs. I find this one a tad hard to read without leader lines, but nevertheless, it’s interesting how certain cultures depict happiness for example. For example: Section 38 = Happiness Western/American = Yellow Japanese = N/A Hindu = Green Native American = […]

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  • What do you keep track of?

    Tweet We have a lot of data in our lives. Too much, it seems. And the tricky part, is not to get more information, but to figure out what information we want to track and keep Here’s my list of what data I constantly track/keep: […]

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  • Information Overload

    Tweet I love these infographics! Created by

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  • Did you know 4.0 — information & data facts and figures you might find surprising

    Tweet Some facts that jumped out at me: 240,000,000 TVs in the U.S. (not in this apartment!!!) 2,000,000 of those TVs are in bathrooms An average teen receives 2272 text messages a MONTH (gosh this really shows my age. I receive 0.5 a month. Some […]

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