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  • Roll it Experimental Housing / University of Karlsruhe

    Roll it Experimental Housing / University of Karlsruhe

    Tweet This cyclindrical design is a modular protype that provides flexible space within a minimum housing unit. Three different sections are dedicated to different functional needs: there’s a bed and table in section, an exercise cylinder, and a kitchen with a sink. Click on the images […]

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  • Your First Apartment: Stocking up on the essentials

    Tweet I remember moving out and thinking: Wait a minute. What do I need? I don’t know. I guess I’ll just figure it out as I go along. Multiple trips via subway to various stores later, here’s my list. Pick and choose at whim! OFFICE […]

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  • Should you buy or rent?

    Tweet Most people believe that they should buy a home so that they invest in something that’s a guaranteed return. Or that it’s always better than renting (in some cases, that’s true, but not always). For everyone who has ever said to me: Don’t you […]

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  • To date in China, do you need a house?

    Tweet Note: I am by no means trying to make any kind of social or political commentary here, but can you imagine choosing a mate just by whether or not he owns a home? This New York Times post struck me as being sad, but […]

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  • Glass Pavilion by Steve Hermann

    Tweet For me, this is open concept at its best. I know a lot of you will be freaked out by the large windows wrapping around the place, but if you are deep in the forest in the middle of nowhere who cares? I’d rather […]

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