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  • 2015 Review: Top 15 EM Posts

    Tweet For the last 2015 post on Everyday Minimalist, I thought about doing a Review of The Year. I really enjoyed writing here for the whole year and wanted to thank you for being loyal to the site. Thank’s also to all those who have […]

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  • Take breaks to enjoy something longer

    Tweet Know how there’s a saying: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder“? Apparently that principle rings true for luxuries and pleasures of life as well. Check out this survey: Nelson & Meyvis (2008) had participants massaged for 3 minutes. However one group had a 20 second […]

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  • The key factors of happiness

    The key factors of happiness

    Tweet All the condensed information below was taken from the article: The Economics of Happiness Happiness = Set Point + Condition + Voluntary Conditions Set Point = How happy you are to begin with, some people are just cheerier Condition = Ethnicity, Gender, Attractiveness, keeping […]

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  • Why do we buy to make ourselves happy

    Tweet Buying things to be happy is easier than really working on being happy Buying things and making money is easier because all it takes is money. Not skill, discipline or any work whatsoever. It is far easier for example, to buy a meal in […]

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  • The Little Girl Who Has Everything

    The Little Girl Who Has Everything

    Tweet I think the picture says it all. You can click on it to make it larger… Note: I never said what the picture says to me as a minimalist. I let you come to your own conclusions. 🙂 So please, no mean comments directed […]

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