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  • The Magical Bend Spoon

    Tweet Clever!! I just appreciate good design. 🙂 Via Yanko Design

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  • How to make art out of food

    Tweet I’ve always been fascinated with food as art. I am not talking just about a beautifully presented plate where the radishes are carved into little fairies, but when artists look at food and make beautiful pieces out of them. Or even Japanese cuisine, which […]

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  • Imperfect food — why are we obsessed with perfection?

    Tweet Found this great graphic done by German artist Uli Westphal who noticed what BF and I have been aware of for a quite a while now — all fruits and veggies are starting to look too perfect. Same size, shape, and colour. Tomatoes don’t look […]

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  • The Ten Ingredient Project

    The Ten Ingredient Project

    Tweet Terita is a vegetarian who started a food blog but with a very compelling story for me: When I was eight years old, my skin started to lose pigment. Patches of bright white skin—some quite large—appeared on my knees, ankles, back, hips, and eyelids. […]

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  • Eating greener: Living without a fridge or Cooking — Can it be done?

    Tweet For those of you “Locavores” (people who like to buy their food as locally as possible), then this article from the New York Times might interest you. I’m interested in trying to buy locally, watching my carbon footprint for items (I’d love to start […]

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